Friendly Activities in Aruba: Fun Things to Do with Kids

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Aruba is located on the Southern side of the Caribbean Island and is a leading tourist attraction. This island is far from the busy city life, meaning travellers will enjoy a relaxing experience. 

Aruba is known as “One Happy Island” for its all-inclusive activities. Aruba is a top destination to visit with your children, and below we discuss the top activities they can participate in and the top Aruba utv rentals

Phillip’s Animal Garden 

Phillip’s animal garden was launched in 2009 and is among the best places to take your child. This garden is among the few non-profit organizations that rehabilitate exotic animals. This garden is one of the best places to visit with your child, especially if you want an unending adventure. 

Travellers can see different creatures in this animal haven, which is recommendable for children over three years old. 

El Tours Safari 

The El Tours Safari is the best family activity you can participate in at Aruba. This safari will enable you to view the beautiful island and waters, thus improving your general experience. El Jeep Tours provides different family tours so you and your loved ones will not miss out on the landmarks and sports. 

This tour service also provides tour buses for people travelling with children or as big groups, and the main highlight is they accept children in all age brackets. Contact us for the best utv tour in Aruba.

Bubali Bird Sanctuary 

The Bubali Bird Sanctuary should be on your bucket list if you intend to visit Aruba for your holiday. This sanctuary has various bird species that go beyond the vast waters. This sanctuary has over eighty bird species and provides cheap and unique family experiences. 

After climbing the observation towers, travellers can also see birds in their natural habitat. The Bubal Bird Sanctuary houses different birds and suits children aged three and above. 

Aruba Ostrich Farm 

A visit to the Aruba ostrich farm should be included in your bucket list while visiting this island. Travellers get to learn different things about ostriches as they take a tour of the extensive farm. 

During this tour, you can comfortably see these giant birds within their natural habitats. Travellers can also learn a few things about how these birds mate, thus improving their general experience. 

The Aruba Ostrich farm allows children aged between five and ten. 

The Goldmine Ranch 

The Goldmine Ranch should be included in your wish list. Travellers can take their time galloping through the waterfront and landscapes but can contact guides for a more improved experience. 

You can also immerse yourself in this famous island by visiting beaches on the northern side and also go on a journey to over seven spots to improve the vacation experience.

Final Thoughts 

Aruba is a leading tourist attraction due to its rich culture, beaches, and outstanding terrain. This destination is ideal for children, and the best sites to visit include the Goldmine Ranch, and Philp’s Animal Garden, among others.

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Alexa M. Beaver