How to Obtain Information about ICCRC Registered Consultants in Dubai?

How to Obtain Information about ICCRC Registered Consultants in Dubai?
How to Obtain Information about ICCRC Registered Consultants in Dubai?

Dubai has a vast economy and global opportunities and has always supported numerous individuals aspiring for Canadian immigration. The Canadian immigration process is quite complex. Hence it is very important to ensure the immigration process is successful and smooth. Seeking assistance from ICC Registered Consultants in Dubai is highly recommended to immigrants. There are various effective ways to obtain details about these consultants. This article helps you to get information about registered consultants in Dubai and also the benefits of partnering with reputable immigration experts. 

Online Research 

Getting access to information becomes easy and today’s digital world. It is very important to conduct online research about ICCRC-registered immigration consultants in Dubai. Various information can be gathered by using different websites. Immigration consultancy firms maintain their websites daily and they provide detailed information about their consultants and services. You have to start looking for reputable teams that have a strong track record of successful immigration cases and are authorized by Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council. Conduct complete research and browse through their website. In this way, you will be able to understand their services, areas of expertise, and client testimonials. 

Client Testimonials and Reviews 

Client testimonials and reviews build a reliable connection with the firm. Hence, while conducting online research on different websites, it’s very important to consider the client testimonials and their reviews about immigration consultants in Dubai. All the previous clients shared their experiences on their different social media platforms and the firm’s website. By going through these reviews you can get knowledge about consultants, professionalism, customer service, and expertise. The presence of many positive feedbacks on the website from satisfied clients is a good sign indicating the consultant’s reliability. Also, consider the negative reviews or complaints of the client before making your decision.  

Referrals and Recommendations 

Besides getting online information, it is very important to consult with your friends, family, and colleagues who have previously migrated to Canada or experienced consultancy services before. Those recommendations and personal experience with to identify trustworthy consultants. They will help you with your specific immigration need. Hence it becomes very easy to choose the right consultancy approach by getting personal referrals. 

Verify ICCRC Membership 

The verification of ICCRC membership of ICCRC registered consultants in Dubai is the most important step to consider. You can confirm the immigration consultant by carefully monitoring the ICCRC website which maintains a registry of licensed immigration consultants. Be assured of the presence of the consultant in the ICCRC membership list. If their name is absent on the official ICCRC website, then you must avoid working with them. Take the consultation sessions offered by immigration consultancy and discuss your migration goals and concerns. This will also help you to understand about choosing the right consultant for your immigration journey. 


It is very important to have complete guidance about the Canadian immigration process from Dubai. Aspiring immigrants can mainly increase their chances for a successful Canadian immigration journey by getting the guidance of ICCRC-registered consultants in Dubai. 

Different online resources and consultations are used to find the right immigration consultant. Explore online resources, seek referrals read client testimonials, and verify ICCRC membership to get all details about the consultant. Also engaged with the consultation session to find the right consultant for you. Well, the informed consultant will guide you in the best way in your immigration.