December 5, 2020

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How to plan a food tour in New York

How to plan a food tour in New York

Discover authentic food and the mesmerizing beauty of nature while reinstating the heritage of one...

Discover authentic food and the mesmerizing beauty of nature while reinstating the heritage of one of the best cities in the world – New York City. Fly with Cathay Pacific to delight in some classic and fusion food.

The Brooklyn Food Tour- Brooklyn Half-Day Food Tour

This borough of New York City is the most famous and most densely populated, the county is beautiful with all the best facilities available; the five-hour tour of the county will leave you thrilled, this is the best place to be if you are thinking of a tour in New York with amazing cultural cuisines in neighbourhoods like Williamsburg, Park Slope, DUMBO and Green point. This tour will also educate you on the history to keep you mesmerized till you end the tour at the striking Brooklyn Bridge.

Harlem Historical Food Tour

A must in a food tour checklist is the four hour Harlem Historical Food Tour. The tour presents insights into the rich history and culture of Harlem together with an aesthetic blend of soul food – African cuisine and Caribbean delicacies. Discover some amazing places and their past on the tour. You will visit some unbelievable eateries with unique specialties like French African Café, a delectable local soul food restaurant, a Spanish Caribbean restaurant a tea and spice shop, and a local bakery. 

Hell’s Kitchen Food Tour and Central Park

A traveller’s choice with accorded history; this tour has some best food on the table. As you take the tour you will explore the alluring Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood as it has plenty of restaurants and enjoy baba ghanoush,empanadas, hush puppies, donuts, etc. The central park located in the heart of the city is spread across 843-acre space thus it is a combo tour for both explorers and foodies. As you walk you discover many hidden facts of this iconic park that is otherwise not known. This walking tour will be a social bliss as it consists of small groups of eight people so you might make great friends during exploration.

New York City Food Cart Walking Tour

Though streets of Manhattan are crammed with food carts showcasing a wide variety of food like snacks, cakes, and pastries, sandwiches, hot dogs, pizzas, burgers, etc. there are many other items that you will discover in the New York City Food Cart Walking Tour. Apart from learning the stunning history of New York, you will come across some mouth-watering food trucks like Souvlaki Truck or Wafels & Dinges, Middle Eastern falafel, Pakistani curry, falafel, Korean short ribs, and Mexican chocolate brownies. So buckle up for a walk through Mid-Town or Financial district to satiate your hunger with six different cuisines in this two-hour tour. 

Flatiron Food and History Tour

As the name says you will get a closer view of the historic architecture and food of the city. The three-hour walk will reveal some unknown facts about the charming city. Relish some of the tastiest treats like New York pastrami, artisanal grilled cheese, and fresh croissants etc.

Chinatown and Little Italy Food Fest

Stride in the streets of Chinatown and Little Italy to unveil some indigenous facts of history, culture, and cuisines. This three-hour tour will show some authentic culinary arts of the hotspots of New York.  Enjoy some of the best and oldest tasty treats like the Sicilian pastry- cannoli, classic Chinese dumplings, mozzarella and prosciutto, olives and wine, and Italian cheeses. Chinatown’s luscious dim sums are not to be missed. 

Cupcake Tour of New York

As sweet as a cupcake the Cupcake Tour of New York is one you can’t miss though you are a fitness enthusiast. The 2.5-hour walk from the union square will showcase an ample variety of desserts like gelato, macaroons, cookies, cupcakes, etc.

Greenwich Village Food Tour and High Line Park

A spectacular deal combining fantastic culinary cuisines of the Greenwich Village with a splendid walking tour of the High Line. You will be amazed by the history of the High Line while you dive into the delicious assortment of food from pizzas to cakes and chocolates. You will experience a scrumptious feast from six places on the tour. Brace yourself for an ultimate travel experience with glitzy nightclubs, restaurants serving food that is out of the world, and panoramic views.