Rabbit Bites Off Toddler’s Fingertip During Visit To Leisure Farm

A toddler visiting a leisure farm in Taiwan with his mother was bitten by a rabbit after the boy put his finger through a fence.

The one-year-old boy was visiting the Goat World Leisure Farm with his mother Friday when the incident took place. The rabbit bit off a part of the boy’s finger. The boy’s mother saw his finger bleeding profusely and began screaming for help.

A woman,¬†surnamed Wu, who witnessed the incident, immediately called the medics. In order to stop the bleeding, Wu applied pressure on the wound using a tissue paper before cleaning it with saline and covering it with gauze. Emergency personnel arrived at the scene and administered¬†first aid after noticing that the boy’s fingertip was severed. The boy was then rushed to a nearby hospital.

The boy’s unidentified mother told Taiwan News that the incident took place less than 10 minutes after they entered the park and that she blames herself for not monitoring her son properly.

The owner of the park, identified as Chiang Chang-li, told Set News that he rushed to the scene after an employee reported the incident to him. He entered the pen to find the piece of the victim’s finger but couldn’t find it. The incident reportedly took place when the boy’s mother had gone to buy rabbit feed.

Chang-li also said this was the first time such an incident has occurred in the park since it was opened in 2004. There are about 20 rabbits in the park and tourists are allowed to feed them through a hole in the pen.

The park is planning to build additional fencing around the enclosure to ensure that such an incident doesn’t take place again. Warning signs have also been placed around the enclosures.

The incident was under investigation.

rabbit In this representational image, a pet rabbit enjoys the sunshine on a window sill in the old town of Nicosia, Cyprus, Dec. 7, 2017. Photo: REUTERS/Peter Cziborra

Alexa M. Beaver